Resource Management

Build the Right Team

Resource Management

Structuring Your Resources
for Optimal Delivery

Clarity in the roles and responsibilities for members of the delivery teams is critical.  We have developed resourcing techniques which ensure that all of those people involved in the program know what they need to contribute for the success of the business change.

Matching Skills and Experience
to the Job at Hand

We firmly believe that companies cannot and should not outsource the delivery of business change - ulitmate responsibility cannot be delegated to a third party.  However, few organisations have the skills and experience that they might need in order to deliver large-scale complex change successfully.  We support our clients by not only providing proven delivery approaches, but also by making available highly skilled and experienced staff who can supplement their delivery capabilities.  Rakiro's staff are all commited experts with many years practical experience and a value-add ethos.

How We Can Help

Resourcing Services

Programme Resource Planning

Development and establishment of resourcing planning and management processes in support of overall delivery.

Stakeholder Engagement

Review and development of approaches for ensuring effective stakeholder engagement to increase business change delivery confidence.

Project Resourcing

Provision of experienced and skilled individuals across all roles required for successful business change delivery.


Where clients need to fill permanent roles, we are able to provide support the development of role profiles, and we have often been asked to help identify and select candidates.

Interim Management

Rakiro is able to provide short to medium-term line management and delivery professionals to fill key resourcing gaps.