Programme Management

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Programme Management

Successful enterprise change comes through the effective coordination of business and business change resources towards a common goal.

In the real world only a small percentage of projects deliver on their objectives and benefits.  At Rakiro we have assembled a proven framework for delivery which allows programs to inject a higher level of certainty into achieving the business outcomes required.  Out approach focuses on three key aspects of successful programs.


Planning Framework

Our experience is that most organisations undertake incomplete planning activities. This produces fundamental weaknesses in the resulting plans which act to threaten delivery from the outset. At Rakiro we have developed a broad framework for planning that ensures that all aspects of the business change are accounted for, integrated and understood by all parties involved in bringing about the change.


Planning Process

We believe that planning is a fine balance between orchestrating an ordered and realistic launch of a business initiative and the need to generate momentum and show real delivery.  We recognise that developing transformation plans is an iterative process. Leadership teams must have the best possible information tat any given time to enable them to make real and practical tradeoffs.  Our process guides you through a logical sequence of planning. This approach provides an increasing level of confidence in the plans and business benefits.



Critical to the successful delivery of change is that all the stakeholders involved understand how they contribute and control the progress of the program.  Commonly, change programs get bogged down in spurious information both from the delivery teams and from the business.  Our governance approach ensures that the program is able to handle the wide range of delivery-related information. Rakiro's approach to levelling of program data ensures that the right information goes to the right people at the right time.

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Delivery Management

Programme Initiation

Defining and mobilising the initial stage of a change programme focusing on underlying alignment of business outcomes to the overall business objectives. Bringing on board key stakeholders and resources.

Programme Baseline

Mobilising, shaping and planning the program to create a plan of record (why, what, where, when, who, how, how much) so that all parties commit to the program and the delivery of its objectives.

Delivery Strategies

Defining or validating that the chosen routes for delivery are suitable for the changes being undertaken. This includes release planning and optimising the use of resources both across and within projects.

Delivery Health Checks
& Audits

Review of in-flight programmes to identify key barriers for delivery and provide gap-fill recommendations to increase delivery confidence.

& Coaching

Second-line support to delivery staff to raise capacity and capability of program and delivery roles.


Management of third-party suppliers in relation to delivery processes and reporting to increase their ability to deliver.

Programme Office Operations

Programme Set-up

Establishment of key management and control processes in support of effective delivery.

Quality Management

Implementation of structured approaches to program quality including quality gates, program governance and effective phase progression.

Post Implementation Reviews

Structured review of program outcomes as the basis of feedback into corporate program management activities.

Programme Planning

Facilitation and structuring of large and complex planning activities to ensure that plans integrate to provide a solid and coherent statement of delivery.