Business Transformation Done Right

Bringing about real change.

Enabled by technology.


Build the Right Business

Business Modelling

Business Modelling is a core element of Rakiro's framework for business change. Critical to the success of any business transformation is the clarity with which the desired OUTCOMES can be communicated. Rakiro's business modelling framework acknowledges the intrinsic complexity of businesses, but provides a simple method by which benefits and impact can be readily designed, understood and communicated.

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Do the Right Projects

Portfolio Management

Our framework takes input from both Business Strategy and existing Business Modelling to express and refine the nature of change required at a corporate level. These statements of change can then be refined and prioritised before driving change planning.

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Do Projects Right

Programme Management

Successful enterprise change comes through the effective coordination of business and business change resources towards a common goal. At Rakiro we have assembled a proven framework for delivery which allows programs to inject a higher level of certainty into achieving the business outcomes required.

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Build the Right Team

Resource Management

Successful delivery is determined by the people involved. Not only must the program have access to the required skills and expertise; it must be able to deploy these resources at the right time.

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Partnering With You

We typically partner with our clients, building mixed teams with a focus on skills transfer.
We utilise a global pool of specialists in program/project management and business transformation.


Business Driven

Our approach considers the change blueprint or outcome from three separate lenses: a stakeholder and commercial lens, a business operational lens and an enabling technology lens so that we can ensure the change is designed from the outside in and then delivered from the inside out.


Not only are our successes proven out by the high reputation awarded us by our customers, our approaches and techniques are based on many man years of real world business change experience. Our consolidated approach to business change may not feel "revolutionary", but it is a highly condensed toolkit of methods that work.


Rakiro are an independent company with an extensive track record of supporting clients to achieve their strategies by bringing about transformational change outcomes, usually where IT is a significant enabler.